Building Products

Here are a selection of companies which we at alan the builder deal with in Thailand, or what we recommend for using within the construction of your own house.

Electrical Suppliers: ( higher budget but quality products ) : Italian Leader in design and production of electrical devices. : Reputable supplier in Thailand. : Brilliant Supplier in Thailand.

Windows : : ARC COMPANY, THAILAND LEADER FOR UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS with 10 Year warranty. AIR CONDITIONING with 5 year warranty. SOLAR SYSTEMS with 25 year warranty. PU SPRAYFOAM INSULATION with 5 year warranty. ROLLER SHUTTERS. GARAGE DOORS. : Since 1988 Oran Industries Ltd. has lead the way in vinyl window design, manufacturing and marketing. We are EXPERTS IN WHAT WE DO............MAKING VINYL WINDOWS.

Plans : : is the largest global online source for quality affordable house designs. Get inspired with our collection of 28,863 house plans. Use our search engine and custom design house plan services to create a better home.

Paint Suppliers : : Woodtect Woodstain is highly water repellent and high performance woodstain. Woodtect Woodstain available in Gloss and Satin finish : Toa Paints, The Number one paint supplier / seller in Thailand. : Specialist in Wood coatings, Decorative wood paints, any paints associated with wood. : ICI is now part of AkzoNobel, the world's largest coatings manufacturer, the number one in decorative paints and performance coatings, and a leading supplier of specialty chemicals. : Another highly recomended paint supplier.

Cement Supplier : : The Siam Cement Public Company Ltd. is the largest cement company in Thailand

Roofing Suppliers : : Specialist in roof tiles. : Fiber Cement Board Siding and Roofing Materials Suppliers - Mahaphant Group Thailand.

Tile Suppliers : : Decorative and practical tile supplier. : Another very good tile supplier. : Thai tile supplier. : Another decorative Thai tile supplier.

Flooring : : Wooden flooring supplier, based in Thailand.

Kitchen Supplier : : Reputable kitchen supplier, based in Thailand.

Insulated Blocks : : Reputable Block supplier, based in Thailand. : established in 1994. We are the manufacturer and distributor of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete with the trade-name "Q-Con", which is the only one in Thailand and in the entire South-east Asian region.

Water Tanks : : Highly reputable water tank supplier, based in Thailand

Bathroom Suppliers : : We are locate in Lampang Province (Thailand), famous for its various ceramic industries, handmade saa paper flowers and many others. : To deliver style, the company works with internationally known and award-winning designers including Marc Newson, David Chipperfield, Tomas Fiegl, Achim Pohl and Ronen Joseph. These bathroom collections consist of wash basin, bathtub and toilet bowl including a range of accessories and furniture that complement each other to allow the creation of a "total look".