Due to the tropical climate, modern roof structures in Thailand are now mostly fabricated from steel, rather than the traditional wooden style. The main reason they began to do this is because of termites, they are big and very hungry! The Thai term for these is ' Pluak ' they have had a very devastating affect on the wooden house all over Thailand.

The roof tile in its self has many different colours, shapes and sizes, to choose from. One product we are very familiar with is called, 'C pac moner' , it is made from a concrete type substance. It iss very strong, durable and does not miss colour.

This roof tileĀ  has many different colours to suit all tastes. I highly recommend this product. There are many companies out there producing tiles, but some of them tend to come and go. This is not good if you wish to extend or add on to your house at a later time.

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