We Supply 3 different types of windows at alan the builder, we would put it down to personal choice. We have wood, aluminium or PVC.

 My personal choice would be of Aluminum because it is a no maintenance product, it comes in a variety of colours ( silver, bronze, brown, white or black )

The changes in climate do not affect this product at all. Dry, hot, wet, etc makes no difference. Also they come with fitted insect screens to allow you to open all windows and not be troubled by mosquito's or other bugs.

P.V.C is relatively new in Thailand. I believe it to be a good quality produce mainly it is  imported which of course means more costly. There are now a handful of company's fitting these  window’s in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok.

Wood has a beautiful finish but we find it a very high maintenance window but as always personal taste is up to the client.